Monday, June 1, 2009

Darkly dreaming demented citizen of the deep

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this was supposed to be a life's saga .... then was supposed to be a description of transformation...turned out (no fault of mine....jus simple aaraamkhori) to be a blah blah .
and i woke up this morning and got myself a beer...naaaah
and i woke up this morning and got myself a gun.....that works

Gentlemen , we start the touch base...

born like any other,
the same air filling my lungs
sights as horizon for my eyes
for my ears,the tranquil birds sung
relishing a monstrous load,always there on my mind
brooding,blunting my wits ; mary-jane burned for the respite [ hehhhh ;) ]
so close to a perfectly relative life
when i was

born like no other
a bloody air sating me lungs
a discerped corpse before my eyes
in my ears a sonatina shrieking rung

redemption is knocking

another morn comes , laden with conformity
had sealed my fate .now bothers me less by the by
higher calling,moksha,nirvana, vairag et'al (vairag->viagra...awesome philosophical coincidence :) )
listed as today's agenda,a soothing mournful cry
a victim is to be chosen ; i take a trip down the local deli
candidates galore,although i like them sex with the Y (at this pt. almost signed 1 yr hiphop deal with slimshady records)
Oh! my blissful aberration, don't cloud me judgment boy
to buy my way to heaven,this once, i let them slide

redemption is pissed off...summons curiosity

the mirror raises questions now ,
w t f man ?supreme no more? just when you were entertaining the thought
apocalypse required four horsemen and you in a clan.
Go make things right. kill,kill, a trophy ring has to be brought.

the same road , the same deli,the same result , the same 'no comply'
"fckin wuss" , i hear a voice in me head cry
no line to go here,so slick sly on the fly (my rap album went platinum :D )

how are we doing today Inspektor Burbak Bittu . Someone addresses me after curiosity's lambent prescence pooofs....startled...BANG..

a hard fall
an eye gone black
a wake up call
and now the flashback,

a rookie's assignment , a corpse too gory
forays into his fantasy land
goes with no guts ,still for glory
makes a fool,off his own hand
casualty was i , of the seduction of violence
nothing to do with the gray in the mind
the seven sins are enough for me and hencei now leave this all behind.

PS : I am not in jail
PPS : The authenticity of this , if questioned will lead to...fill in the blanks
PPPS : if no understand , plz dont hold it against me. theory of relativity :D
PPPPS : yes i know...i am the man
Yours trulyAtyant-hi-vela-insaan Abhinav Sharma

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