Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Free Rider- A Short Story

Tanya sat at the bar alone. Gushes of men came, flirted and left but none of them caught her fancy. They weren’t rich enough, she thought. All these bastards looking for an easy lay. She loathed them. She bided her time patiently, looking stunning enough to catch every man’s attention in that room.
It was already 9 p.m. and she’d lost all hope to get her man. It was then, when Samar entered. He was merely five seven but his facial features could give any Hollywood actor a run for his money. Dressed casually in a Ralph Lauren T-shirt he strode quickly, as if in a hurry,
He passed by without even looking at Tanya. That’s strange, Tanya thought. An aberration not only for the night, but also for what Tanya had seen throughout her life. Not giving a second look to Tanya was being rude to her; she was so used to it. Even a third was normal, constant stares was also what she was completely accustomed to. But not this. Never.
Samar sat at the bar and ordered his drink. He checked something on his gleaming iPhone while the barman prepared the exotic cocktail he’d ordered. It was already late and Samar seemed the best bet for the night, thought Tanya.
How did the bastard not look at me. Damn you!!
This is not an ego play. It’s a job. She reminded herself, as she got up to a multitude of eyeballs literally assaulting her body.
She went and sat next to him and ordered a scotch. The barman quickly moved his gaze away from under her face to her face. Both were worth to die for he thought, mildly turned on.
“Hey”, she said not wanting to waste any more time.
Startled he looked to his left to find her. He had been too busy with something on his gadget.
“Hey there”, he smiled, unleashing a wave of charm that completely swept over Tanya.
“What is it you’re drinking? Looks a bit funny” she asked, trying to make conversation.
“It’s a long island tea. With only ice in it, it sure does look funny. What are you having?” he asked, ignorant to her loud mouthed declaration of a scotch order to the barman only a couple of minutes back.
“Good ole black label”, she winked as she told him.
“That’s nice.”
“ So what are you doing here in this male infested bar. Waiting for someone?” He asked with the same charming half smile beaming across his face
“Oh! I think he’s here” She winked again, more playfully this time. She turned to the barman exposing Samar to here long flowing tresses and a side view of her perfect figure.
“I’m so drunk” she mumbled loud enough for Samar to hear
It didn’t take long or any sort of intellectual discussion for Samar and Tanya to find them in Samar’s huge Pajero.
“Your place or mine” he asked with a confidence Tanya admired.
“Let’s go to a nearby hotel, houses I not like” she said as she planted a passionate kiss on Samar’s lips.
Without a word Samar put the vehicle in gear and winded to the nearest hotel.
“Taj! Umm I like”, she said again, resting her head on Samar’s broad shoulders letting him inhale all of her own womanly smell mixed generously with her perfume.
He smiled back.
They got out as he handed over the key to an employee there for parking.
Too easy, thought Tanya and her excitement only increased as she saw a lustrous Rolex on his hand.
She waited for him by the main hall, where she envied all the beautiful accessories she wished someday her house would be adorned with. She was admiring the size of the chandelier above when she found Samar standing next to her.
“Let’s go ma’am,” he said
“Yeah let’s go” she smiled and towed him along by putting her arm in his.
The attraction they felt towards each other was extreme, and it was manifested in the lightning quick speed with which they managed to disrobe each other.
Not many words were spoken, as passionate love making ensued. She found Samar to be a good lover. In fact, excellent as she felt waves of ecstasy run through her body every time they made love.
Stick to the job, she reminded herself.
Exhausted, Samar ordered food for both of them. She was the least bit interested in food, as she knew that she wasn’t going to eat it anyways.
iPhone, cash, debit cards, credit cards and if she was quick enough with the valet, may be the Pajero. Summed up to be a fortune, Tanya quickly calculated.
“I need a bath”, she said while they sat cuddling in the bed waiting for food
“And so do you, I think” she winked again
“Ok I’m game” Samar grinned as he got up
“No Mr. Horny, I like my baths alone” she contorted her face to a naughty expression as she purposefully cat walked to the bathroom assuring his gaze was fixed at her
She quickly bathed, admiring her subtlety. It would be the most expensive bath Samar would have ever taken.
She wore a pair of jeans and shirt as she came out. She knew time would not be her luxury once Samar went in, so she was ready for the final act.
Tanya looked around the room, clueless. Neither the prey nor his expensive target accessories were to be found.
All she could see was his purse. She jumped to get hold of the purse. As she picked up the purse, there was a small piece of paper with something scribbled across it.
‘Had been visiting the bar for three months now, to meet you. Oh how proud would my friend be today. Don’t worry you robbed him enough to pay for the food and the hotel rent. As for me I am a man of principle. Please find enclosed Rs 500/- which I feel you actually deserve for I am no free rider. Adios’
Ten floors down, Samar was already seated in his Pajero, revving it up with an inflated ego and a satiated libido, dialing a call to Akash, his friend.

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